Activity Does Not Equal Progress

When is the last time you really took a long hard look at your strategic plan for how your organization will grow revenue? If you’re not doing this monthly, chances a you’re missing business – a lot of business. The largest opportunities – let’s call them the elephants – are typically keeping your teams running day in and day out with miscellaneous activities. After all, they know they are the trophy account prized by companies near and far. As such, they feel they are entitled to all your time and effort and then some. And sales teams are all too willing to oblige.

Trouble is, that in the midst of all these transactional activities, it is easy for the strategic focus to be lost by both the client and your team. Activity in the moment might feel like progress, but it often isn’t.

Do you and the client fully understand the impact of the current activities – both at a project level and at an organizational level too? Is what you are doing helping to drive business forward for the client? Are you helping them to grow revenue, collect receivables more quickly or increase production? What about their customers' experiences? Are you simply helping to keep the lights on? It is an important distinction that will shape the way you are perceived by the client.

Chances are that you could do much more for your clients – if only they knew… And only if your sales team knew too. Just because the account is a big-biller or has the potential to be does not necessarily qualify your activity as strategic.

Maintain a focus on the executive strategy – yours and theirs – so that you provide meaningful value and achieve a reasonable balance of transactional business and strategic opportunities.

When you target both the strategic and transactional, you will provide the best opportunities for breakthrough results both for you and your clients.