Your Mindset and Revenue

Take a look at this picture. What do you see?

Perhaps you've seen this perspective illusion or others like it. What one sees varies based upon one's perspective.

Much like a glass that is either half-full or half-empty, one's mindset frames one's perspective and attitude. Those attitudes permeate our lives personally and professionally.

Consider the child that tells himself that he cannot understand and complete his math homework, or the player that says I'll never make the team. It is that same attitude that the sales professional says to herself, "This isn't working - I'll never get any referrals." These self-limiting belief patterns create barriers to new possibilities.

I've had so many decision makers and top performers tell me how they just cannot see how new results are possible. I hear excuses about time, expertise and degrees of difficulty and scalability - it won't work for us. And they are correct. Not because the reasons were legitimate but because their mindset predestines their failure.

At the same time, other business leaders recognize the impact and envision a bigger, brighter, bolder future for themselves and their organizations. These persons recognize opportunity and pursue new levels of achievement. These are the organizations who reverse revenue trends, double production, and create winning cultures that fuel and sustain success.

You and I have seen each of these individuals and organizations and their subsequent results. The positive and productive mindset sustains growth, while the pessimistic and complacent mindsets limit their own growth.

Each of us chooses our future results with our mindset, Sales behaviors, activities, outcomes and revenue reflect the mindset of the organization and enterprise at-large. Choose a growth mindset and realize revenue growth.