Stay Connected | in the Know & in the Game

Day after day, sales people miss countless opportunities because they are not listening.

Like many people, salespeople too fall into a comfort zone. Comfortable in that they continue pursuing the same type opportunities and having the same discussions with the same people day after day and week after week.

It doesn’t matter that you have a cube at your client’s work site or that they have given you a badge and email address.

The reality is that every day you’re not meeting with new people in your clients’ or prospects’ organizations is another day that you are being outpositioned by your competitors – both the known and the unknown.

Even when you are meeting with them, wouldn’t you like to know more about their priorities, their challenges or what they’re thinking about? The best sales professionals are already doing this – without the use of ESP or mental telepathy.

Sales professionals today use social media to connect with clients personally and professionally. For starters, these sales stars use LinkedIn to grow their network and further penetrate their client companies with new introductions. At the same time, they also dive into the individuals’ profiles to learn their objectives , KPIs and interests. Further digging may yield their Twitter feed – what are they talking about and who are they following, reading and favoriting? Perhaps they write a blog, share on Instagram and pin their boards on Pinterest. I could go on, but the point is that sales professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with prospects in a more personal and meaningful way.

The opportunity to meet new people and connect to them helping them achieve their goals and objectives is right in front of you.

So what are you waiting for?

Go find those persons you’ve been meaning to contact, find what’s important to them, and let them know how you can help.